Support Groups


Open Monday - Thursday 2pm-7pm during the school year and 3pm-8pm in the summer at the White House, 616 W. Grand River Howell, one block from the library. Stop by and see what's new. Meet our staff. Find out more about us.


The Connection Youth Council

The Youth Council is a leadership board for youth who are interested in helping with fundraising, community service projects, planning events, and program development.
Mondays, 4pm-5pm.
Contact Amy West at 810-923-1353 for more information.



An interactive group that uses games, activities, and art projects to increase self-awareness in youth and give them an opportunity to express themselves in creative ways. This group is helpful for youth who want to develop a better understanding of themselves or who have a difficult time talking about how they think and feel.
Mondays, 5pm-6pm at the White House.



For teens. Learn coping strategies, dealing with anger, managing stress .
Tuesday and Thursday, 5pm-6pm at the White House.


Life Skills

Get ready for adult living. Learn about health, decision making, nutrition, jobs, budgeting, apartment life and more. Interactive. Fun. Informative. For youth 16-20.
Wednesdays, 5pm-6pm At the White House.



Yes it is! An LGBTQ Confidential Support Group. Call 810-623-5892 for more info. Ask for Angela.


Parent Support

Are you worried about your teen? Do you want help setting limits and regaining your authority as a parent? Call for more information contact the 247 line at 866-440-7233.


*For more info on any of the above programs call 866.440.SAFE(7233)